CX Release 11.6.0

The 11.6.0 release contains changes to the CX client, so you will need to update your software for all features to remain usable.  We encourage you to update to the latest version of the software so you always have access to the latest features and fixes.

There are 2 ways to update the CX software:  1) Log in to Minute Menu CX. go to Administration > Upgrade Software – go through the prompts and allow the upgrade to complete. Once the upgrade has completed, please log back into Minute Menu CX using your own login and password.  This takes just a few minutes.  2) Log out of CX, and go directly to the Update Link and click on the link in step 1.
Please contact CX support at if you are still having an issue.

9 Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue when enrolling a new center.  the Save button no longer gives an error
  • Fixes for the MO State upload file
  • Fixed an error with viewing Office Error Reports from some users
  • Corrected an issue with the alphabetical order of the center list
  • We only show the IEF when IEF is selected and not both Enrollment and IEF
  • Fixed an issue with centers re-activating withdrawn children.  Centers can now re activate into Pending status
  • Corrected the Summer Feeding state upload file for Illinois
  • Hid the FRP status of individual children in the center view
  • changes to stop timeouts and fatal errors for large processing functions.

6 Feature updates:

  • Updates to the Claims screen for the ARAS/SFSP tool
  • Updated Enrollment and IEF for Illinois
  • Updated Enrollment form for Florida
  • New Parent Letter for Idaho Enrollment form
  • New Ohio Infant form
  • Income form updates for Wisconsin

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