HX Mandatory Release 2.22.0

A new Minute Menu HX Upgrade is available!  This newest version of Minute Menu HX – 2.22.0 – contains several updates and bug fixes for Minute Menu HX.

The 2.22.0 is a mandatory release as it contains critical preparation to support the roll out of features for the new meal pattern requirements. The following list provides a description of the feature updates and bug fixes that are included in this release:

Feature Updates:
• Database: Contains the new database structure that supports the changes required by the new meal pattern. This will allow future releases that contain changes to the application code, for the implementation of the new meal pattern requirements, to become optional until sponsorships are ready to adopt the new rules.
• Messages: Update to the delete claims warning message.
• Reports: Changed the Claim and Review Comparison Report to use a 24 month lookback period. Future revisions will allow for a user-selected date range.

Bug Fixes:
• Reviews: Resolves an issue that prevents training times from saving for some reviews.

This update is mandatory and will need to be applied in order to run a transfer data.

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