Use the Welcome Message to get Providers on KidKare

Whether your providers have been claiming on paper forms or on WebKids, you can use the Send Welcome Message button to get providers claiming on KidKare. Just open the Provider Information screen, select a provider, and you’ll see the button (upper right area of the screen) just below the login ID. When you click this button, the Welcome Message will be sent to the email address listed on the “contact” tab for that provider.

Send Welcome Message

The date that the Welcome Message was sent will be logged right under the Send Welcome Message button.

The Welcome Message provides a link to the KidKare login page, the login ID and password, and a link to the Getting Started section of the help site – basically everything that the provider needs to start claiming online in KidKare!

Here’s a sample of what the welcome message looks like:

Welcome Message

The Welcome Message can be a great tool for getting providers claiming on KidKare.

If you’d like to see your welcome message before sending it out to providers, you can do that using a “test provider” account. Don’t have a test provider account yet? Click here to learn how to set one up!

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