How to tell which providers still need to switch to KidKare

The deadline is approaching fast – all providers must be moved to KidKare by Oct. 1st! But how can you tell which providers have claimed on KidKare? Excellent question! Just open up Minute Menu HX and go to:

  1. Reports > Claim Management > Track Received Claim Info
  2. The Provider Filter will appear.
    1. Select the Status box and then select Active
    2. Hit Continue
  3. Select a month (select the most recent claim month) and Continue
  4. Select a sort order and Continue
  5. On the Options filter, leave both boxes unchecked for now and Continue
  6. Finally, on the Filter Claims by Type screen, select the Kids option and Continue.

This will give you a list of all providers who submitted their claim on the old KIDS program. These providers will need to be contacted about switching over to KidKare.

To see which providers are on KidKare, follow the same steps above but on #6 choose the KidKare option.


9 Responses to How to tell which providers still need to switch to KidKare

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great tool thank you so much

  2. Katie Quinlivan says:

    Is there any way to do this that includes email addresses?

    • Dawn Perez says:

      Hi Katie! That is a great question. You can use the Claim List Export File and the Provider List Export File and merge the two together to get a list of providers that still need to switch and their email addresses.

      When you run the Claim List Export File, and choose “claim received info” as one of the output options, any providers that submitted their claim will have a “KK” in front of the ID number listed in the “Received By” column. You can then merge (or copy/paste) that with a list of emails from a Provider List Export File. Then sort the list using the “Received By” column so that all of the “KK” providers are grouped together and delete them.

      Here’s more information on how to do that:

      1. Open Minute Menu HX
      2. Go to Reports > Claim Management > Claim List Export File
      a. On the Provider Filter: choose “Status” and at least choose “Active”
      b. On the Claim Filter: choose “Claim Month” and select a starting and ending month
      c. On the Select Output Data screen, choose “Claim Received Info”
      d. The “received by” column will have “KK” in front of the number if the provider submitted their claim from KidKare.
      3. Go to Reports > Providers > Provider List Export File
      a. Select the same filter options that you did on the Claim List Export
      b. On the Select Output Data screen, choose “email”
      4. Compare the two lists (either using the functions in Excel or manually) to make sure the providers are listed in the same order
      5. Copy and paste the list of email addresses to the Claim List Export File
      6. Sort the “Claim Received Info” column so that any KidKare claims are grouped together
      7. Delete the KidKare claims
      8. If you have other claim sources you may want to delete those as well.
      9. You now have a list of names and email addresses of providers that need to switch to KidKare!

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  4. What if we switched them but they did not submit a claim… How do we get those providers to show on our list?

    • Dawn Perez says:

      Good question Jacqueline! I think I would run the Claim List Export File (use the instructions from the comment above) and then delete the providers who have switched to KidKare (but not showing up as KidKare because they haven’t actually submitted a claim on KidKare yet). This will give you a list of providers that still need to switch to KidKare.
      I hope this helps answer your question but if not, please let me know!

  5. Dawn Perez says:

    If you want to see if a provider has logged into KidKare (but hasn’t actually submitted a claim yet) you can check their Last Login Date when you login to KidKare in “Observer Mode.”

    To login to KidKare in Observer Mode, go to and use your OWN login ID and password (same one that you use to login to Minute Menu HX) and login. You’ll see a list of all of your providers. One of the columns on that screen is the Last Login Date. If that field is blank, that means they’ve never logged into KidKare. If they have logged into KidKare, you’ll see the last date and time that they logged in.

  6. Marva says:

    Hi Dawn,
    All of Interact Food Program providers are on kidkare.

    • Dawn Perez says:

      Hi Marva,

      Thank you for letting us know! The next step is to disable WebKids for all of your providers, which I will do now. And since you completed the transition before the end of July you are eligible for our drawing that will be held on August 15th! Good luck! Hope you’re having a great day so far!

      -Dawn Perez

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