Copying menus. What Centers and Center Sponsors need to know before Oct. 1st.


Copy. And Paste. But do it now.

Copy and paste any menus that you plan to reuse (such as cycle menus or seasonal menus) to future months now, while you still can. Those menus will be merged into the new meal pattern on Oct. 1st.

Copying and pasting from the old meal pattern to the new meal pattern will NOT be available after Oct. 1st.

Starting on Oct. 1st, it will not be possible to copy and paste menus from prior months. On Oct. 1st, center accounts will be converted to the new meal pattern. Menus made on the new meal pattern can be copied and pasted to future months.

Menus on the old meal pattern cannot be copied and pasted to the new meal pattern, after October 1st.


Review scheduled menus to make sure that they meet the new meal pattern requirements.

Make sure that…

  • Juice is planned for no more than once per day.
  • There is a vegetable at each lunch and dinner.
  • A whole grain-rich food is planned at least once per day.
  • Grain based desserts have been removed.

Mark your calendar for Oct. 1st to check for missing components by looking for lowercase letters on the Menu Calendar screen.

Some meals may lose components during the merge process (such as lunches and dinners that had 2 fruits, 1 fruit will be lost during the merge process). On Oct. 1st or after, check the Menu Calendar screen. Any scheduled menu that is missing a component will be listed with a lowercase letter (balpde). These are most likely lunches and dinners that included 2 fruits OR food items that are no longer approved (such as grain based desserts).




3 Responses to Copying menus. What Centers and Center Sponsors need to know before Oct. 1st.

  1. Cathy Harper 116 says:

    Sorry Dawn, I do not understand this post.

    • Dawn Perez says:

      Sorry for the confusion – this blog post is for Centers and Sponsors of Centers. This does not apply to Homes. I’ve updated the name of the article to help make this more clear. Thank you for responding and hope you’re having a great day so far!

  2. Cathy Armstrong says:

    Is this just for Centers or for home providers also??

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