What will Monday morning look like for users of Minute Menu CX?

In an effort to make day 1 of the new meal pattern changes as painless as possible for centers, there will be no new version to download on that day.  The new version can be downloaded on Friday, so that it’s ready to go Monday morning. Here is what the timeline will look like:

Thursday night, September 28th. There will be a mandatory release of CX (version 14.0)  that will contain all of the changes for the new meal pattern. Minute Menu CX users will update on Friday morning.

Sunday morning, October 1st.  We will switch all users over to the new pattern, convert the menus, and then stop all open sessions so that all users will log in fresh Monday morning.

Monday morning, October 2nd.  All users will log in and see all of the new changes without the need to spend any time updating.

Are your centers curious about what the new meal pattern changes will look like? Please click here to view/download a 2 page PDF describing the main changes to the center side of the Minute Menu CX program. Feel free to print, email, and share this with your centers!

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