KidKare Accounting Resolution

As of 10:22 PM CST on November 9th, 2017, all missing data from the KidKare accounting outage has been restored. All payments are now accurate. We have verified payments with our payment processing vendor. All data in your account is now fully restored.

There are some cases where we don’t know enough about your account to fully resolve them. These could include:

  • If invoices that were scheduled for autopay didn’t go through. If invoices are marked unpaid, you will not receive a deposit for them in the future. You can either ask the parent to log into KidKare and manually authorize payment on that invoice or have them pay you with cash or check.
  • If you re-entered missing invoices during the outage, you’ll need to delete the duplicate, unpaid invoices.
  • If you received double payments from parents, you’ll need to refund the parent. Although we are allowed to deposit money into your account, we cannot debit money back out and return it to parents. If parents received any NSF fees because of duplicate payments, please email us at with details and we will reimburse them as soon as possible. Here is what we need to know:
    • Withdrawal dates and amounts
    • Overdraft fee(s) incurred
    • Name for reimbursement check
    • Address for check delivery
    • Regular mail or overnight delivery?
    • If overnight, will someone be present to sign for package?

We appreciate your patience during this time and realize that any data outage directly affects your business. Our entire team takes this very seriously. We want to assure you that we care deeply about making KidKare both dependable and affordable. As a company we are committed to your success and we have worked to the best of our ability to ensure an outage like this does not happen again.

If you experience any further issues or have any questions, please submit a ticket or visit


Thank you,

Minute Menu Team

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