Minute Menu HX Optional Release 2.24.9

HX 2.24.9 Optional Release


  • Enrollment Form (3010/3020) scanning and validation
  • Daily Meal Worksheet updated to new meal pattern format
  • Scheduled Menu Report displays whole grain (WG) designation
  • Food List Report updated to account for food start and end dates
  • North Carolina State Claim Upload File
  • New Meal Pattern announcement banner removed


  • Error 17 which was not counting components correctly when water was served
  • Error 19 which was incorrectly displaying for snacks when formula/breast milk was served
  • Error 33 which was displaying incorrectly for claims where scan forms were used
  • Error 61 which was enforcing juice food frequency rules incorrectly due to duplication of juice in the fruit and vegetable meal components
  • Error 68 which was disallowing for the entire month when a child exceeded the maximum age to be in care instead of disallowing based on the child’s birthday
  • Error 78 which was incorrectly disallowing for non-juice food items
  • Error 93 which was comparing old meal pattern reviews to new meal pattern meal records *
  • Error 166 which was incorrectly comparing snack food components
  • Record Full Month Attendance by Child infant disallowances
  • Record Full Month Attendance by Meal infant disallowances
  • Active Children window restored to allow Sponsors to view all children or filter by provider
  • HX Food Tool permissions
  • Food Chart Export which was not displaying some infant cereals
  • Claimed Foods and Attendance Report error on KidKare
  • Provider Menu Plan List which was displaying duplicate menus
  • Sponsor Cycle Menus which were not saving if only two components were added to snacks
  • EZ menus which were not saving if only two components were added to snacks
  • HX Direct Entry Billing restored
  • State Module reporting and data visibility issues
  • Sponsor-specific scan form scanning and validation errors

* Error 93 exception:  With the introduction of Sponsor Food Lists, many sponsors added end dates to old meal pattern foods and replaced them with new meal pattern equivalents.  If reviews were recorded using the old meal pattern food items (before the hx2go update) these reviews will still result in Error 93 and should be manually adjusted.

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