About Us

Minute Menu Systems, LLC, was founded initially in 1993 as T&L Computer Systems, a small company run by a dedicated husband & wife team who figured out a way to Sponsors of in-home family child care providers in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) radically streamlines the task of processing monthly CACFP claims from providers. Using scannable forms technology to automate the attendance and menu checks that Sponsors had to perform each month on each claim a provider sent them, we were able to squeeze a process that would normally average 30-45 minutes down to just a few minutes and dramatically improve accuracy.

Over the next several years, the team grew, we improved our technology, and we expanded our services to more and more Sponsors throughout the country. With the advent of the Internet, this initial scanning automation was supplemented with Internet claiming and eventually re-launched as Minute Menu HX, which further streamlined the monthly claim process. Over time, with a team dedicated to the study of CACFP regulations while constantly listening to feedback from Sponsors, Minute Menu HX has grown to encompass integrity tools designed around all aspects of the CACFP, including reviews, training, block claiming analysis, and a huge variety of integrity reports. Tools have even been made available to state agencies to improve their ability to audit the CACFP, ensuring greater transparency and integrity in this vital public program.

The Minute Menu team has expanded greatly since its founding. With Minute Menu HX becoming an industry standard in the CACFP, Minute Menu Systems, LLC, was formed after joining forces with SkyHill Software, which offered family child care providers a tremendous array of child care business management tools – including the ability to automate the receipt payments via direct deposit.

Minute Menu Systems now serves 325 Sponsors in over 45 states, covering over 100,000 in-home family child care providers, with staff that includes former Sponsors and providers along with software experts. In 2008, the company built on its extensive expertise in the CACFP to launch Minute Menu for Centers, a system that automates the processing of Food Program claims for child care centers, head starts, after school programs, adult day care, and similar institutions.

The company’s combination of technology expertise, regulatory expertise, and Food Program operations expertise is second to none. A fact attested to each year as over 100 food program Sponsor and State Agency staff members attend the company’s annual Food Program training conference to learn the latest tools and tips that can make CACFP administration more effective and efficient. And we work hard to provide statistical support and insights from our unique multi-state expertise to agencies advocating for the Food Program, including the California Roundtable, The Sponsors Association, the CACFP Forum, and FRAC.

We remain dedicated to meeting the needs of all CACFP stakeholders, from federal officials charged with crafting the rules of this great program, to state agency staff tasked with ensuring this program remains transparent to taxpayers, to the local Sponsoring organizations who do the direct training and oversight work with caregivers, to the family child care providers and child care centers actively feeding our children the best quality foods, and to the parents of those children who are raising America’s next generation. Our mission is to improve the quality of child nutrition in the United States by ensuring that all participants in the CACFP have the best management technology available to them, and to provide them the support they need to fully take advantage of that technology.

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