KidKare Accounting Resolution

As of 10:22 PM CST on November 9th, 2017, all missing data from the KidKare accounting outage has been restored. All payments are now accurate. We have verified payments with our payment processing vendor. All data in your account is now fully restored.

There are some cases where we don’t know enough about your account to fully resolve them. These could include:

  • If invoices that were scheduled for autopay didn’t go through. If invoices are marked unpaid, you will not receive a deposit for them in the future. You can either ask the parent to log into KidKare and manually authorize payment on that invoice or have them pay you with cash or check.
  • If you re-entered missing invoices during the outage, you’ll need to delete the duplicate, unpaid invoices.
  • If you received double payments from parents, you’ll need to refund the parent. Although we are allowed to deposit money into your account, we cannot debit money back out and return it to parents. If parents received any NSF fees because of duplicate payments, please email us at with details and we will reimburse them as soon as possible. Here is what we need to know:
    • Withdrawal dates and amounts
    • Overdraft fee(s) incurred
    • Name for reimbursement check
    • Address for check delivery
    • Regular mail or overnight delivery?
    • If overnight, will someone be present to sign for package?

We appreciate your patience during this time and realize that any data outage directly affects your business. Our entire team takes this very seriously. We want to assure you that we care deeply about making KidKare both dependable and affordable. As a company we are committed to your success and we have worked to the best of our ability to ensure an outage like this does not happen again.

If you experience any further issues or have any questions, please submit a ticket or visit


Thank you,

Minute Menu Team

KidKare Outage Scheduled

Update 2:44 p.m. CST** We are back online. Thank you for your patience!

Maintenance is scheduled for a brief 15-minute period starting on October 31, 2017 at approximately 2:18 p.m. CST. During this time period, users will be unable to login to KidKare. This scheduled maintenance is critical for infrastructure updates. We will send an updated email when KidKare is back online. We appreciate your patience.

Please visit or watch for status updates on our Facebook page, which you can follow here.

Thank you,
The Minute Menu Support Team

Outage Update – October 30th, 2017

Update 11/09/2017 10:22pm CST:  As of 10:22 PM CST on November 9th, 2017, all missing data from the KidKare accounting outage has been restored. Please read the following post for more information:

Update 11/08/2017 9:45am CST: The invoices and associated data that were missing from the time period of October 30th, 2017 from 2am – 10am have been restored. We are currently working with our payment vendor to verify that all payment data (including payment status) is accurate. Please continue to monitor this post for more updates.

Update 11/06/2017 5:22pm CST: There are still a small number of invoices and associated payments originating on October 30th, 2017 from 2am – 10am that have not yet been restored. Our team is working on verifying this last section of data before it is fully restored. Tomorrow, November 7th, 2017 we will be working with our payment vendor to verify that all payment data is accurate. Please continue to monitor this post for more updates.

Update 11/06/2017 10:51am CST: Invoices and payment data will be restored over the next few hours. Throughout the day we will be restoring any missing payment information. Please continue to monitor this post for more updates.

Update 11/05/2017 8:16pm CST: Progress with scripts to restore data is still in progress. Our team is working through the night to ensure that the data restored is verified as accurate. We anticipate a final update tomorrow, November 6th, in the early afternoon.

Update 11/03/2017 5:45 CST: Progress with scripts to restore data is currently in progress and testing is going well. Our team is working through the weekend to ensure that the data restored is verified as accurate.

Update 11/2/2017 10:20am CST: The data restoration process for missing KidKare Accounting data has been started. We are verifying the restored data in a test environment today so that we can ensure all data is correctly restored.  This testing will continue through tomorrow so that we can coordinate with our payment processing partner to ensure any payments that were processed are displayed in KidKare and are not duplicated.

We are anticipating having everything restored by the end of the week. If further testing is required tomorrow afternoon, we will continue to restore data over the weekend.

We understand that there may be invoice issues on Friday, November 3rd, and we are prepared to help resolve any issues that our customers are facing.

Update 10/31/2017 10:05am CST: You may still be missing info from last week. This applies to accounting data only such as invoices, payments, and mileage expenses. This does not apply to food program data. You might be seeing invoices marked as unpaid, but they are actually paid; your payments have been processed. This issue does not affect payment processing. No payments were reversed. Our team is still working on restoring your data as quickly as possible.

Update 10/30/2017 4:40pm CST: The process for restoring data from after Friday, October 27th, 2017 is in progress and is scheduled to be completed as soon as possible. Once this process is complete you will have access to all of your data. Please continue to monitor this blog for further updates.

Update 10/30/2017 12:20pm CST: Do not re-enter data that is currently not showing. We are restoring all data from over the weekend. If you re-enter your data you will have duplicate records when the full data restore is complete.

Over the weekend we updated our entire infrastructure. This update was critical for providing a more scalable and reliable environment for customer data. Our data structures, hardware, and physical location of servers were updated during this time. In moving all the data into the new environment we had some anomalies. We want you to know we have not suffered a data loss. All customer data has been retained, the anomalies we are seeing are due to an issue that occurred during the data migration.

Once again, no data has been lost. You may have seen incorrect data, or data that was not visible. This problem is currently being addressed and the complete resolution will happen within approximately 48 hours.

We are currently restoring the data back to Friday evening before the update, which has the most accurate data available. All data you currently see will be correct from that Friday evening state.

Any changes or data entries you have made after Friday will be restored within the next 48 hours. If you have created invoices or added expenses, you will see that data after 48 hours, or once our full data restore has been completed.

We have been receiving a high volume of questions regarding invoices and auto-pay. Auto-pay batches, including recurring invoices, are processed first at 4am, and again at 11am to reconcile any transactions that did not process from the first batch. We have disabled auto pay for today after the 4am batch as a precautionary measure to prevent discrepancies in data entries. This measure should not impact you, but you may temporarily see incorrect data until the full data restore is complete.

Although we had limited information available over the weekend while the outage was being diagnosed, we encourage you to follow us on social media or keep watching our blog for more updates.

Our entire development and support team have been working over the weekend and through the night to get this issue resolved. The support tickets, emails, calls, messages, and comments on social media are not going unheard. We understand your frustration and do not take any outage lightly. We are also working diligently to prevent future outages and improve communication.

We thank you for your patience and hope to have this issue resolved as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you,

The Minute Menu Team

Notice for System Upgrade

To meet growing consumer demand, Minute Menu is excited to announce that we will be performing infrastructure upgrades. Upgrading our infrastructure will commence Saturday, October 28th, at 2:00 a.m. CST and is planned to conclude Saturday, October 28th, at 9:00 p.m. CST. This upgrade requires the suspension of services during this maintenance window. We will send an update once maintenance has concluded.

Follow us on social media for updates regarding future releases.

KidKare Support

Hello Sponsors,

Over the past 6 months, we’ve had more customer support calls than in any other period in our 24 years as a business. We have struggled to keep up as tens of thousands of providers have been transitioning to KidKare. We know that you are all in a similar position. I want you to know that we are taking this issue seriously and doing everything we can to overcome this challenge.

Over the past three months, in response to this issue, Minute Menu has made dramatic changes across the company to resolve your provider’s concerns. Recently we have:

  • Quadrupled the server capacity supporting KidKare, speeding up login and saves and nearly eliminating timing out.
  • Hired the most talented customer support team in the history of the organization, to address the most complex technical issues.
  • Moved our customer support ticketing system to a more responsive and flexible product, allowing us to resolve ticket faster.
  • Added two more talented people to our support team to help through the next few months.
  • Dedicated significant time and resources to creating help articles and videos for reference at
  • Launched, which will be the first online help resource exclusively for HX users.
  • Prioritized sponsor tickets over provider tickets to ensure timely claims processing and reimbursement.
  • Expedited the bug fix process to correct issues in KidKare faster.

I want all of our sponsors to know that we are working incredibly hard to continue improving the KidKare product and make absolutely sure it is ready for meal pattern changes. It has been a tough experience for us as an organization, as I’m sure it has been for you as well. As a company and individually, we are dedicated to you and to the food program. We understand the responsibility that we bear as you business partner, and we appreciate your trust as we work our way together through this monumental change.


Matt Wilson
Minute Menu CEO

Please Inform Your Providers – KidKare Website

It has come to our attention that kidcare . com (not our site, is a malicious website that is attempting to distribute malware or viruses. Visitors to the site are either redirected to another site that encourages them to download something or the site attempts to install malware/viruses immediately.

Please be aware that we do NOT own this site or control it in any way.  We have attempted to contact the owners of the site through their hosting company and have received no reply.  We have also reported the site to everywhere we can find, but the site is still up.  There are a couple of things you can do to help keep your providers from going to the wrong site:

  • Stress that KidKare is spelled with 2 Ks.
  • Have them click on the link in the welcome letter or go to and click on the link there.
  • Always have antivirus software installed and up-to-date;  visit for a completely free version.
  • When you’re helping providers over the phone, before you tell them the website address, tell them it’s with 2 Ks.
  • Have them bookmark or create an icon on their device screen so that they don’t accidentally type it incorrectly.

We are deeply disturbed by the other site and the fact that its owners have not removed the site after being notified.  We have contacted our attorney for a solution, and are actively working toward having the malicious site removed.  Please help us keep your providers safe by practicing and passing along the “KidKare with 2 Ks” message.

Thank you,
Minute Menu Team


New CACFP Meal Patterns and Minute Menu Systems

It’s an exciting time in the CACFP! The new meal pattern has finally been announced.  And the good news is that it’s pretty reasonable—both in the changes it makes for better child nutrition and in the implementation timeline.

Whether you use Minute Menu HX or Minute Menu CX, we know that you have questions about how and when our software will be able to accommodate the new meal pattern.  Some of those questions we can answer and even do now. Some of those questions are going to require research, planning, and software changes to implement.

In each and every case, the software that you, your providers, and your centers use will be fully compliant before the implementation date of October 1, 2017.

And as always, we’ll be providing training videos and other materials to help make this transition as smooth as possible for your internal team and for your providers and centers.

Early Implementation

USDA released a memo on early implementation of the new meal pattern, and we are in the process of discerning which portions of the meal pattern you’ll be able to switch to early and which portions will need to wait on new software development to comply.  In the meantime, it’s important to remember that early implementation is always voluntary and meals cannot be disallowed for following the current meal pattern prior to October 1, 2017.

If your state informs your office that it will choose to opt-in to some or all of the changes that are eligible for early implementation, please pass along that communication to us as soon as you receive it.  We will be able to use that information to determine the priority for making any necessary changes to our software.

Individual Allowances for Early Implementation

Fortunately, it looks like most of the individual allowances that can be implemented early will be simple additions to your food lists once your State Agency authorizes those changes.  This includes:

  • Reimbursing infant meals when the mother breastfeeds on-site (no change required)
  • Allowing yogurt, whole eggs, and ready-to-eat cereals under the infant meal pattern (simple additions and changes to your custom food list)
  • Counting tofu and soy yogurts as a meat alternate (simple additions to your custom food list)

We are working on a plan for early implementation of the meat and meat alternate at breakfast allowance and whether that item can be made available prior to completing all of the other changes needed for the full meal pattern update.

Full Meal Pattern Update Early Implementation

We’ll be working on our plan for rolling out the full meal pattern changes, in which we hope to include some enhancements to the software that will make dealing with foods and nutrition analysis easier for you.  In the meantime, we are anticipating further guidance from USDA over the coming months on what they will be requiring from a record-keeping standpoint and a monitoring standpoint.  Until the full requirements and expectations for implementing the updated meal patterns are understood, we are in planning-only mode.  We have no doubt that USDA will supply CACFP operators and participants with detailed requirements and operational instructions in plenty of time to make these changes in the software for the effective date of October 1, 2017.  Until we see more information, however, we will not be able to announce when or if early implementation of the entire new meal pattern will be possible.