Special Minute Menu Announcement

Dear Minute Menu Clients,

Our founder, Tom Clark, has retired after more than 26 years building solutions to support the CACFP and childcare.  He remains an advocate for the CACFP community and committed to the long-term success of our company and our customers.  Those of you who attend CACFP conferences are sure to see him there over the coming year, and possibly beyond.  His retirement preparation included a long transition of responsibilities to ensure continued success for the CACFP, Minute Menu, and our devoted clients.

Minute Menu Systems is proud to introduce our new CEO, Matt Wilson.  Matt brings over a decade of leadership experience, including service in the US Army and advanced leadership training in the manufacturing and engineering space. After completing his MBA, Matt was drawn to Minute Menu’s larger mission supporting the CACFP and the childcare industry. Like many Americans, Matt grew up in the childcare system, and is thrilled to be in a position to support the people who directly and indirectly care for the children of working Americans.

Matt joins Natalie Clark, who will continue in her long-term role as Chief Operating Officer and Board Member, to complete our executive team.  We know that Matt’s enthusiasm for our company’s mission and his diverse background will drive our company to new levels of accomplishment and success.

Partnership with Alpine Investors

As a part of this transition, Minute Menu Systems is very proud to announce our new partnership with Alpine Investors. We are very excited for this opportunity to join forces to address the needs of the childcare and CACFP marketplace.

Alpine Investors is a values-driven private equity firm with a mission to build enduring companies by working with, learning from and developing exceptional people. Alpine specializes in middle-market companies in the software, online and business services industries. For more information, visit www.alpine-investors.com.

Through the years, we have acquired loyal, unwavering customers who have helped us grow, and a team of committed employees who have invested their special talents in the company and culture. Because of that, Minute Menu Systems is the leading provider of software solutions for the CACFP community. The partnership with Alpine Investors will enable Minute Menu to fulfill its mission to continue to deliver the most comprehensive CACFP solution to America’s childcare sponsor organizations and providers.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our new partnership with Alpine Investors. They are truly a great match for our company because they share our values, understand the importance of our mission and were willing to invest in us to further realize our potential to improve the lives of our customers.” –Natalie Clark, COO, Minute Menu Systems

Minute Menu Systems will still be the company you know and love, just with greater opportunities. Our staff members who make this company possible will still be here to serve you, and we will have exciting, new additions joining the team that will increase our level of support for you, our valued customer. We cannot wait for what’s to come as we enhance our current product offerings, provide more software solutions for our customers, and find new ways to serve the childcare community.

We greatly appreciate your loyalty and are looking forward to this exciting opportunity with all of you! If you have any questions about this news and how it will affect you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information, please view our press release.

Tom Clark                                                                                               Matt Wilson


Your Minute Menu Team

Preparing Providers: Foods not allowed or limited under the new meal pattern

Start training and preparing providers for the new meal pattern now! Whether you’re in an early implementation state or not, there is a lot of training that needs to happen to get your providers up to speed.

The USDA memos are clear that providers should NOT be disallowed for meals that meet the current/soon-to-be-old meal pattern. (Just read the Technical Assistance section of the Early Implementation memo.) So instead of just taking away foods that are not allowed under the new meal pattern (but are reimbursable until then) you can generate error messages for the providers to see, which will help you train them over the next several months and allow them to continue claiming reimbursable meals. Setting this up will only take a few minutes of your time and it will help prepare your providers for some of the changes.

For example, even though grain-based desserts will not be allowed soon (Oct. 1 2017) they are STILL ALLOWED between now and then. So rather than just removing all grain-based desserts from your food list, you can generate error messages that notify providers that they are not allowed under the new meal pattern. This allows them to continue claiming reimbursable meals but also receive technical assistance and training on the new meal pattern.

Use the Food Frequency Rules feature to setup “rules” for any foods that are not allowed or limited under the new meal pattern.

Create rules for:

  • Limiting juice to once per day
  • Limiting juice to zero times per day, week, or month for infants
  • Limiting grain-based desserts to zero times per day, week, or month
  • Limiting protein at breakfast to 3 times per week*

In Minute Menu HX go to Administration > Food Frequency Rules. Any rules created for the new meal pattern change should be set to “warn” only (not disallow) with the exception of the protein at breakfast rule. Watch the Food Frequency Rules training video for more detailed instructions on how to use this feature.

Please watch our Meal Pattern Changes training video for even more information about how to prepare your providers using the tools and features already available in Minute Menu HX.

Please also see the Preparing Providers: Fruit AND Vegetable Requirement blog article!

*Only if you are in an early implementation state that is already allowing a protein at breakfast. Contact the Minute Menu Support Team to have protein items added to the grain section of your food list, for breakfast ONLY, as a temporary work around to allow providers to start claiming those foods. Then, once the protein items have been added, create a Food Frequency Rule limiting those protein items at breakfast to 3 times per week. Since protein at breakfast is NOT part of the current meal pattern, anything over 3 should be disallowed. For this reason, set this rule to disallow (not warn).