Shortcut for Recording Meal Counts in cx2go

Are you looking to make data entry as quick and easy as possible for your centers?  Here’s an idea:  introduce them to cx2go and show them this quick-tip for data entry!

On the Record Meals screen, the center can record meal counts for multiple children at once, instead of having to select attendance for each individual child.

Here’s how:

  1. Access the Record Meals screen and select a meal.
  2. Click the Edit button at the top right of screen.
  3. Select each child who attended the meal.  Note: To select a large number of children, use the Select All button and then deselect those who did not attend the meal.
  4. Click the Edit Selected Children button at the bottom.
  5. Select the meal serving that is being recorded.
  6. If applicable, use the Sick option to note that school-aged children were in attendance at the center because of an illness.
  7. Use the School-Out option to note that a school-aged child was in attendance at the center because of a school holiday or if school is not in session.
  8. Click the Apply button and all selected options will be added to the selected children.
  9. Always remember to SAVE your work!

cx2go meals screencx2go select multiple children2

This short-cut can make data entry into cx2go even faster!  For more information about cx2go, click here!

Accessing the App

To log in to cx2go on a laptop or desktop computer, go to using either the Google Chrome browser or Safari.   (The app will not work correctly in Internet Explorer.)  To download Google Chrome, go to

To login or download cx2go to a mobile device, search for “cx2go” (no spaces) in the product application store (the App Store, Google Play, or Marketplace, etc.).

NOTE FOR SPONSOR AND BACK-OFFICE USERS:  The cx2go application is only accessible by CENTER accounts.  Click here if you would like to learn about setting up a test center account to use for training purposes.  Test center accounts can be very useful for internal staff training and for training new centers.  After you have enrolled a test center, you must enroll children in order to view the screens in the app.

Menu Planning Features in Minute Menu CX

Minute Menu CX menu planning features can help make the task of recording menus even faster and easier for Centers.  But different features are best suited for different types of agencies.

Please click here to view our Menu Planning Features document located on  You can create “Sponsor Templates” available to all center locations, “Center Templates” available to only one Center, and use Sponsor Templates to create a Master Menu that can be “pushed” or “pulled” to/from Centers. Read more of this post

Did You Know? Translate Scannable Menus into Any Language with Free Template Download!

Minute Menu HX scannable forms come in English and Spanish, but many Sponsors also service providers whose primary language might be Russian, Hmong, French, or any other language.  We’ve provided a menu template that can be used to translate the labels and text on the menu into any language, and you can download it for free from the Sponsor area of our website.  To take a look:

–          Go to

–          Log In with your Minute Menu HX login

–          Click on Documentation

–          Scroll down to the Scanning/Forms section

–          Click where it says “Translate Menus Into ANY Language with this Template”

This tool can help you bring automation to providers who you may currently have to accept manually-validated claim documentation from currently.  With templates you can ensure that all of your claims, regardless of the provider’s primary language, are subjected to the same strong, automated integrity checks as the rest of your claims!  Instructions on how to use the template are included in the document.  So, take a look and see if it’s something that might help you to better serve your providers!

Sponsors Who Purchase “PRO” Features Keep Providers 44% Longer!

Based on the data that sponsors have entered  in to Minute Menu HX, Sponsors who purchase access to Minute Menu Kids Pro (with its excellent accounting and tax tracking features) keep providers for an average of 14 months longer than Sponsors who don’t.  Here are the statistics:

Average Length of  Program Participation for Providers Now Withdrawn:

Sponsor Provides Pro: 46 months

Sponsor Does Not Provide Pro: 32 months

Average Length of Program Participation for Providers Still Active:

Sponsor Provides Pro: 75 months

Sponsor Doesn’t Provide Pro: 52 months

Sponsors have told us the many reasons why they choose to purchase Kids PRO for their providers, including:

– helping their providers professionalize their business

– encouraging the providers to maintain records

– strengthening “partnership” with providers

– competitive advantage in outreach

Any way you slice it, the statistics are there.  And while your providers can purchase Kids PRO for themselves, we very deep discounts for Sponsors who purchase Kids PRO for all of their online claimers.  For as little as a one-time $49 subscription fee, Sponsors can give these valuable tools to their providers for as long as that provider stays with their agency!  No renewal fees, ever.

Feel free to call us or email if you are interested in how you can provide these PRO features to your providers!